Friday, January 18, 2013


Life in namma Bengaluru doesn’t cease to amuse me and I’m loving it. Every day is a busy day for me both physically and mentally unlike here in Bahrain where am so relaxed and literally holidaying.

Back home, I have already got used to being addressed as ‘amma’ and akka’. If I hear some one calling ‘amma’ then I think I look my age! If I hear ‘akka’ I feel elated that I have cheated that person because in no way am I that ‘akka age’… Hhahhaaha…!!

Where and how do I begin? Well, let me start with what I did for myself one fine morning!  My husband had called and asked me to enroll for an interior decoration course at the NMKRV College for Women which happen to be very close to the place I live. I was very excited with the idea of enrolling myself in a college and all. After taking an appointment, I drove to the college even though I could have walked. Rather in a happy mood, very lucky to have got a parking place in front of the college, got down, locked the car and humming a film song I entered the college. After I met the concerned person and finished talking in detail regarding the course, I walked out in deep thought about the timings, the faculty, the duration of the course etc… and pressing the remote button of my car, opened the door and some one screamed, ‘MADAM’ from the driver seat! I was baffled! Who on earth is sitting in my car! I couldn’t understand for a second. I just stood there with a horrified expression! The driver on the seat said, ‘Madam this is not your car’. NOT MY CAR!! How could it be?!
I at once took two steps back and looked, yes, this was not my car, and this was a black BMW!! How on earth could it be??? I was so pre-occupied with my thoughts that I mistook a black BMW for my black SKODA? I felt so foolish when I realized and said a quick sorry and explained to him that I had in fact parked my car there, he looked even more confused and didn’t utter a word, all the while looking at me with a smile and at that very moment my husband called me! My husband with me at the time of distress! I was so relieved, at once I picked up the phone and instead of saying HI or HELLO I straight away said, “I lost my car”. His reaction was, ‘O come-on don’t joke with me”, and started laughing. His laughter was even more confusing for me, here am in utter panic and looking out for the car and there he is laughing! I said, “No, no, am serious”. As I was speaking, I started walking back and YES, my car was there! Yipee!!!! I screamed on the phone, “Found my car!” My husband laughed even more loudly when I told him that I tried getting into a BMW thinking it was my car! I felt so foolish, really and laughed with my husband. I got in, finished my conversation with him and drove down to the BMW which was still parked at the same place and lowered my window and told the driver that I found my car and drove away. Phew! Thoroughly amused at my foolish self!

As I had mentioned earlier, I have a very hectic physical life, why I say this is, I drive on Bannergatta road almost thrice a week from my Jayanagar home to the new one which we are constructing near Jigani. I take the “always busy” Bannergatta road. It’s a good one hour drive. I’m always happy listening to my favorite golden oldies and sometimes signing too as the traffic moves on. One evening as the traffic stopped at the Fortis Hospital signal, there was a mini truck in front of me and you know what was written at the back of the truck?

We enter the earth alone
We leave the earth alone
So, live your life alone!

I almost jumped on my seat when I read, at that moment I wanted to spring the car door open and talk to the driver and wanted to know who had written it and so on. Well, who ever wrote it must be a very sad soul, I think. How I wish I could get a chance to meet that person and give him a piece of advice saying even though there is truth in the first two sentences but the third sentence must never be implemented in one’s life, life is short, live life happily, nobody has a perfect life and all… as my thoughts ran… the signal changed and I drove on! Amused again at what was written at the back of the truck.

The other day as I was getting down from the Bank Complex, suddenly a gentle man walked passed me and all of a sudden started singing loudly, ‘Khuda Bi, Aasman Se Jab Jameen Par Dhektha Hoga Mere Mehboob…. I looked at him and I was really amused!!! How can this normal looking guy out of nowhere suddenly belt out a Mohd. Rafi song loudly while walking on the road! People are strangely funny I tell you!

The same afternoon, I was in a cut-piece store buying a saree fall and there was this elderly gentleman buying the same and was on the phone with his wife. There was no other customer in the shop except the two of us so I could hear his conversation loud and clear. His wife was asking for a particular brand and this man was instructing the shop keeper to show him exactly the same brand. Next, his wife wanted him to measure the length of the saree fall, even though he was assured that it would be the said length, the gentleman persisted him to open the fall and measure it for him as his wife was still on the phone. I was waiting for them to finish and his parting shot was a question to the shop keeper. “Are you married young man? Only if you are married you will come know why I am asking such a question!” “Am a married man with two kids”, said the shop keeper. “Then you too must be sailing in the same boat” said he and walked out of the shop. I couldn’t keep quite but get amused once again!

This one is really too much! One evening as I walked to 4th block complex with my sister, three teenagers crossed the road in front of us, one boy and two girls. Suddenly all the five of us noticed something similar, guess what? One of the girls and I were wearing the same WESTSIDE top and all the five of us burst out laughing. Here all of us were so amused instantly!!  Moral of the story, shop in WESTSIDE and bump into people wearing the same outfit! Whatever the age maybe, the sizes are from S to XL… Hhhaaaa!

The above incidences are three months quota of my living in Bangalore. Waiting to get back there for I’m sure there are much happier things waiting to happen. Until then… keep smiling!

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