Thursday, August 15, 2013

Simply with nature!

As our car enters the compound, I notice TREES everywhere, of all kinds and sizes… before even getting down from the car I thought, how wonderful this place is! The natural fan the entire place had were the branches swaying in the afternoon breeze. 

After living in the Gulf for these many years, one thing that comforts us in Bangalore is the cool weather without the air conditioners!

Now let’s embark on a journey with the trees… in my own way!
As we all walked together, the bark of this particular tree caught my attention. 


Mythology says, the Shami tree cleanses sins. It is Lord Rama’s favourite tree and in such a tree Pandavas hid their arms.  Lord Rama has worshipped Shami and embarked upon his journey to victory.How wonderfully historic, isn’t it? 

The bark of this tree too has a lot of medicinal values.


Star fruit is truly one of nature’s starry eyed wonders… take a look at these beauties and you will agree with me!

A juicy tropical fruit, with only 30 calories per fruit, is a great choice for anyone who is trying to lose weight. So, at the end of this article you will know whom to ask and where to head!

It can be eaten fresh, cooked or juiced and definitely a good option during the ensuing winter months.


Needn’t write anything about this plant simply because we Kannadigas and coffee go hand in hand! Filter coffee…mmmm…. Coffelicious, if I may say so!!



This beautiful tree is very alluring. Why so? See for yourself how neatly it has grown!
One suggestion though, a bench under this tree will be a setup for a cozy chit chat!


I remember my mother telling me about these fruits when I was a kid, that monkeys relished them the most!
This fig fruit reminds me of a joke.
Why did apple go out with a fig?
It couldn’t find a date.

Moving on…


As I craned my neck to see this flower, felt like climbing the tree and plucking it, doesn’t it look like a powder puff? Imagine wearing makeup with a natural puff!
As I stood clicking this photo, I heard the singing of the koyal bird perched somewhere on the canopy. It was indeed melodious to my ears!
I’m reminded of a proverb here,’ Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.’ 


My best friend in school had a goose berry tree at home and as school going kids we used to spend some time under this tree every evening, trying to pluck the berries from its tall branches. Here, when I saw this tree I don’t know why I relate these leaves to the ‘Touch me not’s , they look so similar.
Seeing this picture, the owner joked, ‘Out of focus gooseberries’, what he didn’t know was how much my fingers itched to pluck them instead of capturing them on my camera… hence this result!  


These massive fruits are rich in energy, minerals, dietary fiber and vitamins yet contain no saturated fats or cholesterol. Off late, jacks ice-cream is my favorite at Naturals! Yum yum!! Have any one of you tasted? Go for it! 


I may sound a bit weird but these two trees reminded me of a baby elephant with the mother elephant. Look at them; they are so much with each other! 


The sun rays streaked in between as we all took a walk here, I remembered these lines….“I think I’ll take a walk in the park… hey, hey, hey it’s a beautiful day”…. this lovely song by Daniel Boone – Beautiful Sunday, 1972. Thanks to Nicolas Sir of Kumarans. 


When I clicked this picture, the lilies had called it a day but still I had to capture them with the tiny black shoals of fish busy swimming underneath. Imagine the floral pattern when it blooms along with the sun!

Though I haven’t covered all the other trees in the compound, these were the ones that caught my attention.

A sprawling positive place amidst nature, rustling leaves, chirping birds to go with it, a mixture of exotic fragrance that engulfs the building and not to forget the accordion music playing in his office… need anyone ask for more?

Trees are the best monuments that a man can erect to his own memory.

A “feel good” place with genuine laughter and fragrance in the air is what I call Benson and Co., Jigani.

Stay blessed like this always, Ravi!

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