Sunday, January 4, 2015

Bahrain doesn't cease to amuse me!

In the months that I have been here, Bahrain has surprised me with vista of experiences.
1) I walk into a carpet store to buy one. An elderly man welcomes me saying, "India?" I say, "Yes."
"I have beautiful hand made carpets," he says.
After going through myriad of colorful carpets, I short list three & tell him. "I will come with my husband in the evening as he takes the final call."
He immediately says, "I know your husband's selection is too good... too good."
My eyes move from the carpets to him.
He continues.... :Your husband's 'Wife selection' too good" ....
Quite a googly!! I roll my eyes & walk out.
2) An other day, I drive to the petrol bunk, rolling down the window, I say, "3 Dinar Mumtaz."
An elderly man with a smile nods & while I look for my purse to take out the money, I hear him sing, "Mere saponki rani kab ayegethu..."
Am like..... I look at the side mirror & see him happily humming!!
After he's done, he comes to take the money & says, "Sorry sister, you Indian, beautiful, Hindi films, I like, I remember...."
I couldn't help but smiled.
3) One day my husband goes to the bank with my passport for some work and he hands over my passport to the Bahraini lady at the counter.
She opens, as she glances through the pages & flips back to see my photo and says, " Masha Allah... your wife... Bollywood heroine."
My husband called and told me this as soon as he came out of the bank!!
We laughed!
Circumstances like these amuses me and reflects a lot of bonhomie between the two countries!

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