Thursday, August 19, 2010

Movie Mania

Fantastic or Khantastic!

Amidst much controversy, My Name is Khan (MNIK) made it to the theatres in India (a few months ago) but here in Bahrain it was an opening with the prices of the tickets being slashed and a boy named Khan selling T-shirts only to Khans, in the name of Khan!

As we friends settled down in Awal Cinema with a belly full of Sangeetha delights minus the popcorn tumbler for once, huh, for another three hours or so it was a journey of mixed up emotions and lessons learnt of another kind!

As the movie opened up, I saw Shah Rukh Khan(SRK) with a different sight; I mean through out the movie I tried in vain to develop an eye contact with my hero but couldn’t!

All these days I knew only the asparagus cooked and eaten as a vegetable but wait a minute there is a slight twist in the tongue, its Asperger, an autistic spectrum disorder named after an Austrian pediatrician!  Hadn’t heard of it before, thanks Karan Johar(KJ) for kicking the curiosity in me to get to know more about it!

Now comes yet another educating factor, a simple word, Khan which I am so used to pronouncing as Kaan as on ‘ears’ in Hindi but not any more!  
Learning to properly pronounce the word KHAN, a little bit of a vocal circus is required, you see.  To pronounce properly my jaw has to go down opening my mouth so that the air activates the flap of the elastic cartilage tissue projecting obliquely upwards behind the tongue and the hyoid bone as well and pass over the mucus membrane which is attached to the root of the tongue…gasp,gasp!!! Understood... No?... Even I didn’t! Ok, to make it simple we will use the word epiglottis!! What is an epiglottis? Let’s look at the dictionary. Maybe we learnt it in school!

KJ, I have earnestly started to master the word Khan many a time coughing it out with a bit of my saliva coming out and settling on the tongue but cant give a guarantee when I will master it.

Our hero is selling Mehnaz herbal products, did it ring a bell?, yes, of course. My friend sitting on my left quipped with disbelief; Shehnaz has been changed to Mehnaz! KJ, do think of something new next time which we ladies fail to co-relate?

As the song ‘Tere Naina’ filled the hall, I was trying to look into SRK’s eyes if I could catch a glimpse but landed up looking into kajol’s Khol filled mesmerizing eyes! The eyes under the un-tweezed eyebrows! Wah…re…wah… and no lip sync of the song this time.

My favourite scene is this. SRK asks a direct question of the intimate order to his beloved wife Mandira and we see her or assume that she gives in instantly but imagine husbands asking for ‘it’ while we are in the kitchen busy fixing breakfast/dinner and the reaction would be…. Well, well, I will discreetly leave it to your imagination!! If they are newly wed it’s understandable, though! Hey, stop, these two are indeed newly married and the Asperger Syndrome is raising its desirable head, you should understand at this point in the movie! Alright.

As the movie continues, my friend sitting to my right and me wah… wah… genuinely at the dialogues and happily give convincing looks at each other. Suddenly my friend points out to another friend sitting next to her who is blissfully asleep, we both are instantly amused! Thanks KJ, this part of your movie was a lullaby for this friend of mine or do I blame the idli, vada, sambar,  dry fruits dosa and topping it all with a tall glass of rose milk plus a late night show!

What about the emotional quotient? Yes, all of a sudden I see tears rolling down my ‘right’ friend’s cheeks. “O, is this scene touching”, I ask myself but not really for me and my friend sitting on my left because both of us smiled at what was happening. ‘Hard hearted twosome’, did you say?

Thanks to my friend who was sitting to my right, two times during the course of trying to understand hindi, I got lost and she came to my rescue by quickly clearing my doubt and making way for my understanding to link further.

9/11 happens with a whole lot of other things and now we are seriously sad at what’s going on. Suddenly there is news all over the TV Channels and our very own Darkha Dutt, sorry Barkha Dutt is thereeee! This is one way of seeping through a SRK film, lucky Barkha! I think.

The story gets predictable and quite honestly if anyone of you is a ‘pankha’ (fan) of SRK or Kajol, it’s a good one-time watch.

SRK meeting the President of the United States and sharing the podium with him is too much of a hindi movie masala for me to digest. Thank God, Obama didn’t look like Obama or is he some Kobama whom our KJ picked up to do the role of Obama!

Here’s MINK for you, oh, not again, you forgot about the slight twist here; it’s not MINK as on mink coats adorning the Hollywood beauties but its MNIK, My Name Is Khan!

Sajdaaaaa tere sadna… am drooling over this song right now.

My Name is Asha

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