Monday, August 23, 2010

Poetic peep!

My Bundle of Joy

I pray silently, thanking the Almighty
The bond with my off spring that is so mighty
My bundle of joy that is worth a lottery win
To inhale the freshness of his smooth soft skin!

To hold and to caress the face of my sweetie pie
The very act which takes me to an ethereal high
Holding my cuddly bundle and looking into his eyes
Taking it to my chest and hugging it tight!

Oh! God, so heavenly is the feeling
As the cloud of talcum reach the ceiling
Clutching him, I sway with delirious delight
Was this my well being or my plight?

As I hold and kiss my cuddly bundle
Highly delightful with his squeal and mumble
Melting me away with his toothless smile
I can go on and on like a highway mile.

His tiny little hands with such a tight grip
The pout he showed with his rosy red lip
Every second with my boy is worth this long wait
For I am hook, line and sinker in my baby’s bait!

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