Friday, August 20, 2010

Poetic peep!

Back Home

Back home starting life all over again
Must be daunting to think again and again!
For this re-settling doesn’t spare anyone
Now or later we join everyone.

Village, town or city, it’s after all a beauty
Where everyone has a new opportunity,
For the young and the old alike
It can be in an auto, a car, a bus or a bike?

Looking for a few friends in a new locality
Bet one hits an instant popularity
Amongst the relatives and neighbors in the area
Who will accommodate you with great euphoria!

Do not say ‘difficult’ for let this word remain in the dictionary
A better word you can find, for life is extra - ordinary
Take a deep breath, the smell of the earth back home
Is more than the expensive perfume you fathom?
Catch up with the life you have missed out over the years
The festivals, the seasons and all the grandeur with all the cheers!

Think of the aroma of one’s awesome cooking
This will surely bring friends like bees swarming
Into the new abode of a cocoon where you would love to croon
And life begins afresh as one sees the passing milky white moon!
Enjoy the simple joys that come by,
For their lies the true joy of living, any way!

For the best of one’s life is spent here
One’s youth, middle age and old age for sure
The memories you carry is more than the consignment
That the airlines allows in their luggage compartment
For life is all about living in the present
And in the future, the present becomes a past pleasant!

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