Saturday, September 18, 2010

Poetic peep!


The power of love can move a mountain
The joy of being in love springs like a fountain!
Love doesn’t happen to every one
And when it happens it catches anyone!

The lawn looks greener, the sun shines brighter
For everything tastes sweeter and there is nothing bitter.
And now that you are whirling in your Scottish fling
Your dress sense should also go insanely bling!

The eye says it all when they meet
The smile says it all when they tweet.
Red hearts, roses and teddy bears
Who needs them all any ways!

The togetherness of the twosome
Doesn’t need any materialism
The words they exchange are enough,
The warmth they share is more than enough!

The ‘day of love’ is here, screams everyone
14th February says someone.
What if love happens all of a sudden?
In this very season as the wind sweeps the pollen!

Live and hold every moment of it
For you never know when you will be out of it!
As your hearts grow fonder
Lock those moments and never let it wander.
Memories of love will cling on longer and longer
Sending many a proud adult into a prolonged stupor!

But in the garb of love if you find deceit
Tear the memories as if it’s an old receipt
Valentine’s may come and go
But eternal love will stay and show!

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