Thursday, September 23, 2010

Poetic peep!

This is the time of the year, when all teenage children leave their parent's home for higher education in various Universities abroad. I have penned down a poem which most of the mothers out there will agree upon!


Everything was so mystical and magical
She did not want to shoo away the typical
Undying love for her one and only infant
Which she refused to cut even when he was an adolescent!

Her world revolved around the little steps he took
Where she would go dazed holding her bemused look
The tight grip of the little fellow’s fingers
Had tightened the bond like the work of those ace plumbers!

Let go of him, said everyone around her
With each passing day her conscience would not permit her
What if, what then, how will, the mind questioned
Put aside all your fears and concerns, said her husband.

The time has come for her child to leave the nest
To the far off horizons where the future holds the best!

Let go the emotional strings, her conscience said
For a day will come when your child will be next to your bed
Kissing you good night day after day
Till you breathe your last in your much own way!

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