Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Time Pass

Noon thing!

You know what I did a few afternoons ago? Well, as usual I slumped on the couch with a fistful of newspapers to read and switched on the TV to do my favorite ‘irresistible finger exercise’ which is ofcourse channel surfing... the channels vanished click click click... and then suddenly stopped at NDTV Imagine... what do I see... our very own bollywood dance masterni Saroj Khan teaching four “20somethings” to dance!!! To what tune?, well CARZY KIYA RE.... putting the papers aside I looked in bewilderment, the way she taught the steps, Saroj Khan is as shapeless as you and me but her movements, steps, expressions were all wa wa woom for me... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I saw the dance unfold I couldn’t resist sitting there just watching. Slowly went inside to check….  husband having his afternoon nap and son busy preparing for his exams, made sure of  that and came back happily to the living and in front of the TV and by now you might have guessed what I did. YES! Started dancing to the tunes of Saroj Khan, at first couldn’t even move my body because of the heavy belly which was full of South Indian lunch I had eaten an hour ago but that didn’t stop me. There was no one else to see me shake my whole self uncontrollably… na usko patha… (no one knows)… na isko patha… said the tunes….after which there was a commercial break… thank god, I slumped back on the sofa to take a breather before the next session would start.

So went on my instant dance lesson that too without any preparations, thanks to my pajama and top, they did come of use in a different way that afternoon…hahaaa…

At the end of the song the four girls were told to do the entire song at one go and imagine my plight in front of the TV screen… I went unbelievably crazy dancing CRAZY KIYA RE!

Why I wrote this “Time pass article” is simply because if anyone of you get NDTV Imagine don’t miss Saroj Khan’s next lesson,  forget nappy oops napping time and get on your feet and jive your afternoons blues away to yet  an other smashing Bollywood dance number.

Working ladies, don’t come to the conclusion that Asha has nothing else to do at home or on second thoughts yes Asha has plenty of time for herself…hahhahaa… that sounds better, isn’t it?

3.20. Time for husband to go to work, as he comes to the living and sees my crazy moves that too in front of the TV, he asks at once, “Are you doing anything for ILA(Indian Ladies Association)?” Lo, where did our ILA come from, I wonder?!!! These men I tell you….

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